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Mann fuel filter 1.8 tdci possible quality issue

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Hi guys,

I just recieved Mann fuel filter for my Ford Focus 1.8 tdci (Mann part number PU 7002 x) which I ordered from the autodoc website. The outside filter material has wisps of filter fiber all over it, it looks like the quality of the filter fabric is not good and some fibers separated from the filter. Pictures of the said filter:




Does this look normal to you? I am afraid to use it in my car since the fuel system is delicate and I don't want to break something by using a bad filter. 

Thank you for your answers.

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That doesn't look like Mann's usual quality...the motor factors I work for used to supply Mann and they were the preferred option for most of our customers, but since we've been taken over we now mainly supply Blue Print filters. 

I personally wouldn't risk fitting that and would get it swapped.

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Thanks for all the answers, I will return the Mann filter and buy the Delphi HDF929 which is acutally cheaper (12 eur on autodoc) and I expect it to be good if it is the original part. Only shame is I need to go through all the returning procedures on autodoc.

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