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Hi. I need to know what’s the highest voltage a Ford Focus 1.6 TDCI 2007 can handle? (Electrical like ECU, airbag module, fuel pump electrical and other electrical stuff)

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The question is too vague.

"Spark plugs usually require voltage of 12,000–25,000 volts or more to "fire" properly, although it can go up to 45,000 volts"

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spark_plug#:~:text=Spark plugs usually require voltage,hotter and longer-duration spark.


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45 minutes ago, TomsFocus said:

Intriguing...  What are you trying to do?

The SmartCharge can raise the voltage up to about 16v safely.

I am using this car for car audio. I tricked the internal voltage regulator into thinking the battery is discharged by putting diodes on the red wire that goes into regulator by that harness. Needed that 15v+ for a lithium LTO Yinlong bank. At cold is charging 15.7-8v, so I wanted to know if I am safe; so far no problems showed.

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Why you're not simply using DC-DC converter (for LTO charging)? 12V to 16V DC (or whatever LTO charging circuit requires).

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