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Are the mk2 steering wheels naturally shiney?

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As I bought some auto finesse "total" all purpose cleaner but the steering wheel is still shiney. I was hoping this would bring it back to matte?

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30 minutes ago, StephenFord said:

What wheel do you have? Title says 'Mk2', but profile is 2016 year which is Mk3 as far as I'm aware. You can get leather wheels on Ebay for £30 odd...

ive got a mk2 1.6 tdci sport on an 11 plate but its the 2010 shape, not sure why my profile says 2016 lol

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I bought a leather cruise wheel brand new for my Mk2.5 and it was textured/matt.

If yours is smooth and shiny through years of wear then there's not much you can do.  If it's just rank from years of greasy hands then a degreaser should help.  I use kitchen antibac wipes on mine...

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A magic eraser and a bit of water is usually more than enough to restore the leather of the steering wheel to the original matte factory finish.

However a magic eraser is basically an abrasive so regular use on the steering wheel should be avoided at all cost. Regular use will damage the surface of the leather.

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