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Steering wheel buttons

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Hi Everyone,

I own a 2012 ford focus and I use the aux chord to play music on my iPhone. The playing of the music is fine but when I try to skip a song the buttons on the steering wheel don't work. I can change the volume but cant skip. It worked once before but stopped working. Has anyone else had / fixed this issue?

also I was wondering if playing the music on my phone through a USB was possible

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Which audio system do you have?

AUX is a 3-wire analog audio connection (Left channel, Right channel and Ground). Aux does not support device control so skipping tracks on the phone by using the steering wheel controls is not possible through the AUX connection.

Both the old bluetooth Voicecontrol and SYNC 1.0/1.1 based High Level audio systems do have support for Ipod/Iphone Control through USB. Both of these systems also support music playback and control by bluetooth Audio.

Another possibility is to connect the phone to the audio system by USB and configure the phone to act as a Mass Storage Device when connected. When the phone acts as a Mass Storage Device it will be detected as a USB drive by the audio system. All (supported) music files on the phone can be accessed and played by the audio system (like a USB drive.

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You seem to have the basic Low Level Audio system. This system does not have bluetooth or phone control. This system only has basic USB and AUX support.

The only way to control the music files on your phone when connected to USB is by configuring the phone to act as a mass storage device when connected to USB. This however must be supported by the phone. 

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