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Ford Focus MK3 2012 Headlight problems

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I have a 2012 MK3 Focus Titanium X, The passenger side headlight has been get condensation in it for a while now, I've spent most of the last 6 month trying to seal it up or get it replaced  but no one/no where seems to be interested in fixing or replacing the headlight at a fair cost. I've been quoted twice (I found 2 on Ebay one is/was a Ford dealer of some sort and another similar) with prices being between £600-£900 for one ! am I wrong in thinking this is a joke? I've tried a parts search company (Parts gate way) but nothing has come back now and it's been at least 2 weeks, I've tried my main Ford dealer but they don't currently answer the phone at the parts department or a least not the last 5 times I've called.

Is it me I'm I missing something when it comes to these headlights?  

PS I've bought syringes and have had another go at applying silicone to the headlight hopefully this will get into any gaps that I have missed previously 

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i also have a 62 plate titanium x.  assume you have xenons?.  mine also condense quite easily  .not streams of condense but a fine mist and seems to appear in same place on both lamps.   i took the big rubber bung off the inner side of the lamps under the bonnet and let them dry out. i think they are all like this . its not great . mine are visteon lamps.  some people have different make .  whether they have the same issue i dont know.   i certainly never found any vent holes while looking.   mine are worse when its been really cold and then left in sun.   seem to steam quite easily then.  iv heard people say to use ure bulbs to heat up insode of unit and it will go quicker but it dosnt seem to make any difference in my case.    think its just the nature of the beast. crap lights anyway

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