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Focus TDCI 1.6 109 2008

couple of wks ago steering malfunction on display . We diagnosed steering angle sensor waiting to be done.

then the washers stopped motor running but just bubbling from jets . Took sound proof inside bonnet off no blockages in that area . Going to take wheel liner out and check connections when I get a decent day


Then today engine malfunction come on today for the second time in 4000k miles.

last time DPF blocked. Garage run a cleaner through it , changed oil filter and fuel filter ok till now.

Hate modern cars . Half the electrics are pointless and don’t need to be on it.

I dread the display every time I start the car what warning will come up or beep . ***** nightmare

Brought with full ford service history 2.5 yrs ago . 1 owner . Every single bit of service paper from new including sales invoice with 49k gen miles and wax oiled every year from new and in that time I’ve replaced

EGR valve


DPF clean 


and now steering sensor and engine malfunction yet again

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The washers have probably split a pipe or damaged a one way valve if your screenwash froze in the cold temps...can't really blame the car for that one.

Eolys DPFs hate low mileage previous owners...had to replace mine at 47k due to previous elderly dawdler ruining it. :rolleyes: 

Also have to remember it's an old car now...we forget how old cars actually are seeing as they still look pretty good at that age, days are gone of rusty door and tailgate edges and horrific paint fade that really showed he age of them.  A battery lasting 13 years is impressive!!

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