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High pitch squeal after going through water

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Drove through some flood water yesterday and straight away there was a high pitch squeal coming from engine bay it only lasted about 3 seconds. I think its something to do with the belts but im a bit concerned for the following reason-

I got all the belts changed and water pump in August but returned to garage same day telling them that the car was making a zoom zoom noise and slightly moves from side to side when idling (and no i dont have a V8 in there) which it never did before belt change, they said this was normal and not to worry about it. Ive always thought the belts were too tight but im not a mechanic. I have driven through similar floods in the past before belt change and never got this screeching sound.

My question is does this new sound mean the start of problems with the newly installed belts? The car drove fine after and i know its a massive job to get at the belts so im hoping i can just forget about it and it was just the belt slipping with the flood water? Ive heard similar sounds coming from cars when they start up? 

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It's normal to get sounds like that after driving through floods, if the sound has gone I shouldn't worry about it. I would have gone for a good run to get the car well and truly hot before parking up.

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Be very careful on driving through water, that's how I ended up with my current car! The previous owner drove through some innocent looking water and ended up hydrolocking the engine and destroying it. It was then passed on to my local garage who replaced the engine and intended it's use as a courtesy car till I persuaded the owner I was much more in need of it than him LOL




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It's just the aux belt(s) squealing. Will be fine once they dry out. They should last several years but easy to replace anyway.

It's the cambelt that's difficult to change...the engine wouldn't run long enough to squeal if that slipped though!


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Thanks for replys I find people on here very nice but i went for a walk today because i was about to go mad because were im living i live near a main road and i cant take it anymore HOW do people live beside main roads but went for a lovely walk on a scenic road(drove 3 mls) and looked at a few isolated bungalows and thought i could have got any of them i went to london at 19 in 1989 worked in a bank and could have bought a cottage in Donegal after three years BUT I DIDNT this world is no longer for me Im tired of making mistakes i should be driving a porcshe but im driving a 15 year old car which i actually love whatever I blame my parents obviously 

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