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Gear stick stuck between gears at speed.

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So that was interesting... Went to change from second to third and the gear stick got stuck just after pulling it out of gear, then had to coast with the clutch down until it was safe to pull over. Couldn't move the stick at all, it released once I had stopped. Any idea what could have caused that? Happened a few times within 5 minutes then seems fine. Almost as if the clutch wasn't properly disengaged or something.

2015 Mk7.5 1L Ecoboost.

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This is a weird fault but I'm not sure what to suggest unfortunately.

If it was the clutch you should still have movement in the stick, just not be able to get it the last inch to select the gear.

I had this happen on a previous car once, back in the olden days of cable clutch and solid gear rods lol!  Never did work out what happened though.  I'd just got to works carpark when it happened so asked a nearby taxi driver to push me back into a space and started my shift...came out at lunch time and it was all working fine, as if I'd imagine it!

You can check that the selector cables aren't snagging on anything either inside or in the engine bay, but apart from that I don't think there's any more you can do unless it happens frequently enough to suspect the box itself.

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