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Mark 3 heater matrix leak

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Focus 61 plate 1.6 Titanium.


I've noticed under my drivers mat a wet carpet with anti freeze clearly visible. I'm assuming that either my heater matrix has a leak or a hose to or from the matrix is perished or split.

I have heard that this is a so and so of a job on other cars so I imagine it's the same on mine too. Is there any way to stem the leak temporarily or permanently and how hard is it to get to either the hoses to check them first before attempting a full heater matrix swap?


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A leaking heater matrix is quite rare. it is usually the O-ring seals between the heater matrix and the heater pipes that leak.

Replacing the O-rings is a quite expensive job. The O-rings itself may be very inexpensive (approximately 20 Cents a piece) but replacing the O-rings is pretty labour intensive.

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I can testify to the 'matrix seal failure' issue. I've had it done TWICE to my car, as said, the genuine Ford seal (and don't use a copy as the chamfer is specific), costs about £4, getting to it is a horrendous labour intense job. I got some great advice here once from I can't remember, but if mine ever goes again, I will get the mechanic to cut about an inch off the ends of both pipes, and simply rejoin them using good quality hose/jubilee clips, doing away with the need for any 'seals' in the future. A permanent and cheap fix.

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5 minutes ago, fladavid said:

Thanks for the info. Is this what you're talking about?

Very naughty of this guy using generic 'O; rings, they will fail quite quickly... but yes, this could well be your issue.

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10 minutes ago, fladavid said:

Ah yes just reread your post. 

Have you tried this fix yet yourself?

You really need to slow that speed reading of yours down LOL " ... but if mine ever goes again..."

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