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How much to beat/bend a bonnet back into shape

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2008 focus mk2 1.6 petrol automatic

Bonnet flipped up (don't ask) anyway the bonnet still works goes up and down but the hinges got a little wrenched and the close to driver edge of the bonnet now sits 5cm too low.  hinges and some bodywork close to the hinges bent out of shape in other words. 

Would a regular garage beat/bend it back into shape? Or do I need a specialist? 

How much should I be looking at paying? 

Don't need it to look perfect, just to sit in the right place flush with the car dash area.

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Last time I needed a bonnet (not for one of the most prolific built cars in the world!), I picked a sound one up in the right colour at a breaker for £50. I would definitely put that option down on my 'maybe' list...

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Ok, well hinges are cheap to replace, not even worth attempting repair on those.  There is also some adjustment in them to get shut lines correct.

Would need to see a picture of the bodywork damage to determine if that's repairable or not though.

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9 minutes ago, GeoffGeoff said:

Ta. Took a look last night and the bonnet side of the hinge was visible, but the car side was sort of tucked away inside the car.  Hopefully I can reach in to the hidden bolts.

I think you'll need to remove the plastic scuttle panel for access but that's easy enough.  Just remove the wiper arms, pull off the metal clips along the front edge of the scuttle, and then pull it away from the windscreen.


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