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Leak in drivers footwell missing bolt from manufacturing?

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I was wondering if somebody could help me with an issue I have with my Fiesta.

I bought it last year it is a 66 plate but registered from the end of 2017.

It has had misty windows since i bought it but didnt think that much of it until the last few weeks with lots of snow and heavy rain.

I have been getting water in my drivers footwell.

I took some photos last night from where i think the water is coming from and noticed what looks like a bolt is missing and heavy rust.

I know the car is out of warranty but do you think Ford would do anything as it looks like it could be missing from when the car was made?

I also found some water in the boot of the car but not a lot.

Any help would be very much appreciated.



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It has to be worth a chat with your local ford dealer. I do believe if you can get your local dealer on your side it really does help not only with warranty but also goodwill. 

If that bolt should be there and it isn’t, my argument would be how many other cars are affected and possibly it should be investigated. 

These cars also have a 6 or 12 year corrosion warranty, it has to be worth a punt.

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Had another look at the car, actually looked around rather than just putting the camera there. It was just the angle of the picture, all bolts there but still leaking down from somewhere. I dont think its the cars door seals so still non the wiser. I will email them anyway thank you and see what they say.

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This is where the water seems to come down. I have read it could be the A pillar having an issue. Does anybody know if it can be fixed DIY with some sealant or does it need to go to a  garage? thank you


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