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Rain Sensor Camera Cover Removal

Trent Edge

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Washing the car yesterday and noticed that the bit of windscreen on the inside, covered by the plastic cover for the rain/headlight cameras/sensors is very dirty. I can see where over time moisture has formed, dried, formed, dried etc and was wondering does anybody know how to remove the plastic cover on the inside so I can clean it?

I noticed my headlights are blocking out cars slightly to the right of where they are. Was driving across some country roads last night and noticed on a large van in front of me the headlights were illuminating the very left edge of the van where as the right side goes part way over to the other side of the road. Just wanted to clean the window portion to see if that helps.

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Thank you! I pulled and pulled but it wouldn't unclip. I hate pulling like that without knowing, always feel like something is going to snap. Managed to pull the top part towards the sunroof which unclipped and then pulled the main part down enough that I could get a windscreen sponge in to rub the crap off. Much cleaner now so accomplished what I wanted to do.

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19 hours ago, SteveBF said:

Got the same problem, need to remove the black cover where the mirror is to clean the screen by the camera... can't find any details how to get it off.

Details, direct from the Ford workshop service manual, are in the previous posts ... have you actually read them!

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