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Hi all. has any one fitted a oil catch can to a mk3 1itre eccotec focus engine.  Thanks for any info ore problems there may be.

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Do you not mean 1.0L EcoBoost? I've never heard of an 'ecotec' lol.

Personally I believe a car will be scrapped because its developed too much rust or a major electrical fault before the engine blows up due to you not fitting a catch can. Plus a car with a 1.0L ecoboost engine fitted will be worth pennies by the time it's due a cambelt change (major job on these engines). For these reasons I wouldn't bother, but there's certainly advantages to a correctly fitted catch can.

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Hi again,yes ment Ecoboost,silly me,still might fit one when weather improves,looking on eBay for one,lots to choose our there,just got to b e sure it is the baffle type.  Thanks. Chas.

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