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Sync 1.1 Bench Test System

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I have a Sony Sync 1.1 Stereo that I removed from a 2013 ST. I would like to setup a bench test system to test and experiment with the system but quite frankly don’t know where to start. Can anyone provide guidance about the wiring and parts needed to setup a bench test system? 

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A bench test setup requires the presence of all audio system modules (ACM, FCDIM, FCIM and APIM) and most important the presence of the CANbus network and communication.

You basically have to simulate all CANbus communication. This can be done by using a CANbus simulation device (for example an Arduino with CANbus shield). The hardest part is designing the software code that simulates the Focus MK3 CANbus communication in exactly the same way as communicated on the vehicle CANbus network.

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Thank you for your quick response WILCO. I have an FCDIM (BM5T-18B955-CG), APIM (E1BT-14D212-FE), ACM (BM5T-18C815-XJ) and FCIM (non sat nav version). I also have the plugs for each although these only have a few inches of wire. I can also probably get an Ardunio with CANbus through eBay. What I lack however is the information about how all these might be wired up and, as you highlight, the software code that simulates the Focus MK3 canbus communication. Hopefully though there are some enthusiasts on this site who can help.

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