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Ford mondeo titanium x 04, stock radio.
Turned on car one morning and where I waa expecting radio, I saw this. Current setting is am/fm, and where numbers 1-6 are l, would've been stored radio stations. Also the cd button at top doesn't take you to the cd selection page. Also the volume level display doesn't show with power control or steering wheel controls. None of the on screen buttons do anything other than climate control, it shows you click them, but doesn't actually do anything. Like the radio is locked, but isn't. Can't change the volume equaliser but can get to the screen with it, but again does nothing. The built in satnav still works but no sound.
Have managed to make a temp fix a few times with disconnecting thr battery for 3hrs + to hard reset the ecu, enter the pin, then the whole things works how you'd expect. However done that today for 10 hrs and the ecu didn't reset.
Is there a hard reset with certain button combos? Or what can I do?
If nothing else, how do I go about replacing the it? Is it a simple double din switch out? Concerned because of all the buttons around the screen actually control the screen. Is there a simple way? Or a surround I can buy to replace the whole thing and just insert a double din unit?
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