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Vignale glovebox light


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Hi all

Quick question for vignale owners. Has the glovebox got a light in it? My new one has just got a hole where it should be but the micro switch to operate it is there. Have looked up through the hole and cannot see any light shinning in that area. Manual says nothing about glovebox.

Thanks in anticipation.

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Thanks a lot. It looks as if I need to do a bit more investigating. Have checked the fuse list and can't see any reference for one. To get at the bulb I suspect I shall have to drop the glove box right out of the way. Can't be bothered with the dealers under current conditions and as you say it is not very bright. I know the one on my Titanium was not very good. Had a good drive in it today and quite impressed with the mild hybrid and as yet no rattles which some seem to suffer with.

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My 16 year old Mk2 has a glove box light, but TBH, you be better off using a candle. However, I replaced the bulb with a nice white LED, it's pretty bright in there now!


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