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Focus MK3 2014 1.6TDCI P2598

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Hi All,

I need a bit of help and advice on my Focus MK3 1.6TDCI Titanium Navigator built July 2014. It has 49,000 miles on the clock.

For about the last week or so I had noticed that acceleration was a bit flat with little power. Occasionally, soon after startup and moving I would get the Engine Malfunction - Please Service message. It would clear after a few seconds but still the acceleration was very lack lustre like it was holding back. I tried reading the DTCs with Forscan but there wasn't any. 

Today, I was just about to join the main carriageway of a fairly fast road so I had to put my foot down to try and accelerate fairly quickly to join. Once again, I got the Engine Malfunction message but this time the engine light came on and stayed on. The acceleration really struggles. 

I read the DTCs and the only code I get is on the PCM and it's:

P2598 - Turbocharger Boost Control Position Sensor A Performance - Stuck Low

Can anyone give advice on troubleshooting this code and what it is likely to be. 

When I first started getting the low acceleration, the first thing I did was change the fuel and air filter which made no difference. 

Any help would be much appreciated. Someone did say to me to start by putting a couple of bottles of Forte Diesel Turbo cleaner in the fuel as it had done wonders for them on a previous Turbo problem. I have ordered a couple of bottles but I don't hold much hope as never in the history of me owning cars has any of these cleaning products ever worked. 

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Thanks for the information. Funny you should say that as about a week ago I did change the oil and filter. I will have a look and see. 

Is this something that is common on these?

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Are they easy to change and accessible. Normally I would have no problem repairing a car but in this cold weather I am debating whether just to give it to a garage to do. 

Thank you for your help. 

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Just had a quick look. Whether it is the fault or not, there is a broken pipe right at the top. It's like a whiteish thin plastic pipe which goes in to a short stub of rubber pipe which then goes on to a valve. The plastic has snapped right where it joins the rubber so it is just open with a bit of plastic still inside the rubber section. I can see where the pipe goes down but then disappears. 

So there is definitely a visible fault. I have tried taping it up temporarily. Have not tried the car yet but I doubt I can get a good seal with tape. 

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I have arrowed the pipe. I have put it together with tape temporarily. It connects to the top and then goes under the fuel filter housing. It's snapped where the arrow is.








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