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Ecoboost 1.0 water leaking

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Ecoboost 1.0 water  leaking


I am living in Belgium, and usually speak french (sorry for my english).
I found this forum by searching "Ecoboost 1.0 water leaking".
Two years ago after an engine overheating i replaced the degas hose by the same model.
But a week ago i heard the radiator spinning after à 500m trip, i found the water tank nearly empty.
So after waiting half hour to cool down i added coolant,  then i was able to road 300m and i stop to a shop.
10 min later i tried to  won't to start, on the board "please change ford keyless battery".
Even after replacing the key, still no way to start the vehicule. 
A friend of mine help my with the battery cable and after 30 min trying i was able to start.
But a day after still same problem, i ordered a new battery because the current battery is dead.

And i  discovered a new leaking spot.
It's a small hose of 8 cm length located on the motor near the big hose coming from the radiator.

here the leakage area (red circle):


here the hose (red arrow):




It's a know issue ?
Do you know the part reference?

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