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Rear light Cluster LED (Mk3)

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Hello all, this is my first post. My daughter recently bought a 2012 1.0 Ecoboost and has had a few initial problems. I've helped to sort these out.

One issue was that the left rear (nearside) light cluster had a known crack in it and we are in the process of sourcing a used or new aftermarket replacement. I've just made the error of buying a 'bargain' aftermarket cluster off eBay which does not have the strip type LED needed, and we can't return it. I didn't know at the time there are two types for the same year!

On comparing the old and new cluster it would appear that the new non-LED version cannot be converted and that, even if it could, a replacement LED is not available. The LED in the old unit is only partially working due to water damage.

Before we Shell out on another LED type light unit can the forum please confirm if my assumptions are correct.

Nb. Existing unit BM51-13405-BG (single strip LED type), unit currently bought Depo 431-19A4L-UE (replaces BM51-13405-AJ,AK,JB,JC,JD non-LED types).

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