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Recall for autos

Guy Heaton

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Was mentioned on here a few days ago. :smile:  Ian's reply was basically that some techs got the first recall wrong, and have left some wiring with the potential to rub through against an unprotected stud.  Sounds like it's generally just a quick visual check.

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2 hours ago, Guy Heaton said:

Cool cheers

Yes, I raised the subject a little while ago. :smile:

I have booked my car in to be checked in a couple of weeks time. 



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I've got mine booked in 9th April.   I asked the service desk and it's a visual check first, then a fix applied if needed.


I never had a letter, or a previous recall though.


I expect to have the car returned with the seat as far back as possible 😁


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3 1/2 weeks to get booked in? 
mines 69 plate registered Oct 19. Never had previous recall or a recent letter..

due first service next few weeks ..17k miles 

Hardly been anywhere this last year, gave it a good run today , 70 limit no cameras ..sports mode didn’t disappoint..

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