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I have been trying to solve a leak on the drivers side of my boot for a few weeks now and have had no luck.

I finally stripped out the interior and traced the leak to the hole shown in the pictures but can't out work out where the water is getting in despite numerous watering cans of water being poured all over the car.

I've put sealant round boot hinges, weld seams, end of the roof trim and on all the fixings under the light cluster. 

Has anyone traced a leak to here and solved any, any suggestions welcome.





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I had a leak on both sides of the boot on my 2007 hatchback. At first I sealed all around the rear lights, under the ends of the roof rails, and around the hinges. It was fine for several months, but then I noticed it was damp on the right hand side again at the start of the year. I have just recently removed the rear spoiler and found some drops of water inside the plastic trim on the inside of the tailgate. I have now sealed all of the bolt holes that  hold the spoiler on, and it is still dry inside at the moment. Time will tell if I have solved it or not.

Hope this helps.

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