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Ford focus mk3.5 titanium x Jack location

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Hiya, another owner posted a topic on this last year. There isn't a conclusion to his issue on the post. 

I have pretty the same issue / have the Sony stereo / jack should be located behind the os trlm panel. Can someone please help me and advise me on the correct jack /  part numbers for it? Thanks Guy 


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Hello mate. Sorry for not following up my last topic. I ended up ringing around a few more dealers who were selling the exact model and got one to send me a picture of the jack in place! I then went to my local dealer and just ordered both parts based on the VIN of the car and everything came out right.

The nut wrench sits below the boot floor (start to pull out the floor and you’ll see it close to the back seats) and not in the side compartment.

I've attached the pic that was sent by a dealer and I’ll try to remember to take a pic of mine when I go out shortly.


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Hiya, thanks for getting back to me ☺ from your pictures it looks like I definitely have the incorrect jack in my car / it has a jack handle attached to it / doesn't fit as nicely as your one does. 

I can now get on to my Ford dealer where I bought the car from and get it sorted out. 

Happy Easter 




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@Guys Yours looks correct - make sure to fold up the jack as flat as it goes, and the holding pin goes through the lifting lip on the right of your second pic. Mine does have the jack handle attached to it, it's just tucked behind. One it's folded flat, it's a squeeze getting it in, to the point it feels wrong, but it's not 😆 try to align how my pic is.

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