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Focus Remote Programming Problem

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I tried to program the remote central locking on a 2015 Focus today but it would not work, the new key has been tested and is all working ok, first of all i thought that before cutting the the new blade and programming the transponder chip, i would try to program the remote part, so i closed the door put the seatbelt on and turned the ignition on and off 8 times, the car chimed to confirm it was in programming mode, i then pressed a button on the original remote and the car chimed confirming it was programmed, i then pressed a button on the new remote and nothing happened, it did not program, so i tried another new key and again nothing, it didnt program, the keys are the new teardrop shape flip keys with a blade, i can confirm that both new keys are working ok as they have been tested, i have never done a 2015 before so could do with some advice please, do you have to program the transponder chip on these keys before trying to program the remote side, ive done loads of Ford keys for people in the past and never had a problem, the original remote did program ok.

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