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07 2.0TDCI Rattle, possible DMF

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Hi all,


My Mk2 focus 2.0tdci 136bhp has a loud rattle noise at idle in neutral with the clutch pedal out. As soon as I press the clutch pedal in the noise goes.


One other thing it's done recently is for the clutch pedal to stick half way when being released but I can pull it up with my foot under it, although it's only happened twice and not for a few days now.  Not sure if this is related to the rattle or not.


Apart from that there are no vibrations in the car, transmission or clutch pedal. Gear changes are smooth as well.


Just wondering what other people's experience of DMF failure is before spending loads on a new one!




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I've recorded a video where you should be able to hear the knocking noise. You can hear when I put the clutch in as that makes a high frequency rattle noise.



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My 2007 2.0 tdci does the same 

The pedal sticks as well especially when changing from 2nd to 3rd when you put your foot down .

Have been told it's the thrust bearing/ slave cylinder, it's been like it for 4 years now is gradually getting worse and done 178.000 miles 


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I did wonder if it was either the slave cylinder or bearing causing the pedal to stick, hasn't done it for a couple of weeks now though.


Here's another video of the noise, you can hear it much better in this one.

How much roughly have people paid for a clutch and flywheel?



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That's not too bad. Unfortunately I think it's the DMF that needs doing too. In any case I think it's worth doing both whilst its apart to save potentially doing the job again in the near future.

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I did mine with a solid flywheel conversion 3 year ago and no issues only cost me £220. Did the job myself so saved a fortune. Lol


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