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2020 Puma Torque Steer

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I have owned my Puma ST line 1st Ed 125ps Hybrid now for 9 months and I love it. Fuel consumption is a little disappointing but I can live  with it. My main problem is what feels like torque steer although doubt it is, I decided to go for the 19" wheels with of course low profile tyres. When I set off under normal power the steering will pull first one way and then the other as if it is following tram lines. I am sure it's down to the 19" wheels, just wondered if anyone else has experienced the same thing.

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It is actually called tramlining:


Ford try and program the EPS to reduce it's affect, but 19" on nice wide tyres will still do this.

On my Mk3 Focus I asked the dealer to turn this "feature" off and it actually improved things, or at least made them more predictable, but the EPS seems to work better in the Mk4, so I still have it on with my current car.

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