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Hi all after lurking in the backgrounds and not being registered i finally have had enough of this focus 1.6 tdci its got the dreaded limp home mode will not rev past 3k rpm. Issues started with this car when it wouldn't start (wifes car) it was intermittent to start with then died a death broke out the lauch diagnostics which showed can bus error so dash cluster pulled out and the connection points all resoldered happy days the car starts but while sorting this out i see some wise guy has blanked of the dpf light and the eml, so back at it remove and refit the glow plugs 3 out no issues 4th one the same guy had broke the tip of while trying to remove so a few hours later and the help of a removal kit 4 new plugs fitted, next issue the eloys fuel additive, refilled the system and reset using Forscan great system btw, so all faults now cleared no lights on dash and none blacked out run diagnostics to dtc's looks good to go but still in limp mode. Back under the bonnet blank of the egr and replace the turbo boost solenoid check all the wiring everything looks ok no dtc's in diagnostics but the cars still not reving past 3k rpm. Anyone any other ideas before i go bald many thanks in advance for any information 

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