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MK3 to MK3.5 Instrument Cluster Upgrade

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Over the past few months I have been doing a few upgrades to my Focus Titanium 2014 1.6TDCI. These include upgrade to Sync 3, Heated Seats, Front Parking Sensors/Park Assist to name a few. 

I am now adding 2 more parking sensors to the rear making 6 at the front and 6 at the rear. Due to this I am having to use a MK3.5 PAM module (F1ET-15K866-BJ). At the same time I am swapping the instrument cluster to one from a MK3.5 (F1ET-10849-BMR).

I understand there are a few issues when using a MK3.5 IPC in a MK3 with the biggest one being loss of parking sensor audio/visual. I understand this will be solved by the PAM module and extra sensors I am also installing. 

What are the other issues associated with this and what are their solutions?

Obviously as a side effect of this I am hoping to gain perpendicular park and park out. But I am more concerned with the general issues associated with changing the IPC to one from a MK3.5. 

Many thanks in advanced.

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