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Radio Fast Forward Question

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Does anyone know how you fast forward on one of these radios?


I was listening to a long mp3 the other day and got almost to the end when I missed something and accidentally pressed the left seek button (thinking it would go back a few seconds) and it restarted from the beginning.  I cannot find a way to fast forward to the point I was before...


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We have a unit like that on my daughters 2010 Kuga. If you press and HOLD the Seek button it works as a Rewind, or a Fast Forward switch. If you just give it a short quick press it will jump to the next track, or back to the beginning of the current track

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Thanks for this.  Gave it a try and it does indeed fast forward however skipping only a few seconds at a time so would have taken quite a while to get 40 mins...

Must remember not to fiddle mid mp3!!

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Never tried it with MP3 only used with CD's.

Have you tried jumping forward to the next track and then hold down the rewind button to go backwards in to the previous track ?

Don't know if that will work but worth giving it a try

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