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Stage 1 focus st225, esp, u2023

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Hi everyone,
I really could do with a bit of help as my focus has been acting up.
Esp light comes on, turn engine back off wait 5 mins and it usually disappears. When driving it's in limp.
Occasionally eml comes on too but not every time, maf sensor was replaced a few weeks back, a genuine ford part.
Taken the car to a garage this afternoon and had it scanned. Fault code was u2023
Communication error.
Has anyone had this sort of problem before, I need help!!

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5 hours ago, Luke4efc said:

Are you running an induction kit? They can be known for triggering this code.

Hi buddy, yes it has ram air filter with wisbech engineering crossover pipe

I do plan on changing the filter as I've found out recently these still let quite a bit of crap through, which all sticks to the maf sensor. Thanks for your reply.

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