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Passenger window switch inverted - goes up when press down and vv


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Hi everybody, I'm new in the forum however I've read it for a while finding some useful tips to fix my Focus MK3.

I'v tried searching for my problem but I didn't find any post so I decided to create a new one. As per title, the issue is that on the passenger door, when I press down the window switch the window goes up and viceversa. I bought the car second hand and it was already like that. While I've been told that the car has never been in an accident, I still have some doubts about that.

Does anybody have any idea on where I should start and what could be causing the issue? I also want to add that the master switch in the driver door works perfectly (up for up, down for down for all of the 4 windows).


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Hi, since it is only the passenger side window switch that is working upside down, have you tried taking the switch out and checking the connections on the back. It maybe that somehow the plug on the back has been pushed in the wrong way round


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4 minutes ago, unofix said:

Hi, since it is the passenger window that is working upside down does it work the wrong way with both the window switch on the passenger door and also the wrong way with the passenger side window switch on the drivers door ?

If the answer to the above question is yes then there is an easy fix, it might not be what has actually gone wrong but do you care or do you just want it fixed?

Take the door inside card off the passenger door and find the electric motor for the window. There will be two main wires connected to the motor - disconnect them and cross them over and reconnect. The motor will now operate the opposite direction when the switch is pressed.

He says it works fine on the drivers side switch...  So swapping the wires over just on the NS door switch should fix it.  

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Thanks all for the advices. I'll try to take out the switch and see if I can notice anything wrong. How do I invert the wires?

Also, not sure if it matters, but I just realised the one touch function only works going down but not up. Does anybody know if that is working as intended? 


Thanks once again!

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Hi all! Just to close out this thread - I took the connector out and could not see anything wrong with it so I decided to do the easiest thing and replace the switch - it worked! 🥳 Apparently it was just a defective switch.


Thank you all!

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