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08 plate 3 across the back car seat query

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Hi everyone,


we are due our third baby in may and just realised our car doesn’t have an air bag lock to turn the passenger seat airbag off. 

Ideally we are wanting the three children in the back. And wondered if anyone in a MK2 has managed this and if so how? We have a 4 & 3 year old. 4 year old is in a HBB. And 3 year old is an harness one. 

any help would be appreciated. We can’t afford a car change. 

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The passenger airbag deactivation switch was an option on your model, so some have it and some don't. Have you double checked that you definitely don't have the keyswitch inside the glovebox. Or some Fiestas have them fitted on the side of the dashboard on the passenger side, you have to have the door open to reach it.

Your Ford main dealer can fit a deactivation switch and warning light but your looking at around £200.

People have been known to pull fuses or disconnect wires but I strongly advise against this. Trying to deactivate the airbag in such away would leave adult front seat passengers unprotected and probably void your insurance.

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