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Jump Starting Issues with Focus Mk2.5

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Hi there,

I've been trying to jump start my focus over the weekend but I'm having trouble with the ground. I know the ground is located to the right of the battery, as I've followed the cable from the negative terminal. But I didn't know if there was another safe, and more accessible place to connect to the ground as the jump leads will not clip onto the small bolt that holds down the ground terminal. There's probably a really basic solution, but just wanted to check how others do it


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Any good solid bit of metalwork will do. If you can find a nice metal bracket on the engine it will work fine.

Just remember that when your connecting the batteries, the LAST connection to be made is the negative cable to the metal of the car with the flat battery.

Once the car has been started and your ready to disconnect then the FIRST cable to disconnect is the negative cable from the car that had the flat battery.

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