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Mk2 Petrol occasionally judders when accelerating or climbing an incline

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Over the past 6 months or so, I've noticed my 1.6 Petrol seems to judder sometimes when accelerating (usually from low revs) or when trying to climb an incline. This normally happens at the low end, around 1k RPM or so, and especially if I try to increase RPMs quite quickly rather than easing into it. This juddering moment quite often happens when I'm trying to climb a hill (when high torque is needed), or accelerating quickly up a minor incline. It also sometimes happens even when accelerating with no incline or a negative incline.

The best way I can describe the sensation is similar to ABS kicking in, where the wheels spin to try and get new tread. I've checked the tires (still have plenty of tread), ABS has no issues, and the front axle appears to be in good shape. I've heard that this problem could be caused by play in the CV axle joints which would then need to be replaced, or that it could also be the coil pack that needs to be replaced.

The problem disappeared for a while several months ago after minorly hitting something like a kerb, and returned when I went over a pothole - I don't know if this correlated to the issue or if it's just a coincidence. The juddering seems to be quite random, and sometimes will happen out of nowhere on a level road while I'm driving normally. On other occasions, it won't happen at all, even in a situation when it might e.g., going up a steep hill and accelerating quickly.

Any ideas what this could be? Has anyone else experienced this?

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