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Screen wash not pumping since refilling

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I ran out of screen wash yesterday and refilled the reservoir, but it's still behaving as if it's empty. I can hear the pump working and it sounds normal, but no fluid comes out the front or rear nozzles. Only an occasional dribble/spit.

I read in another post here that it can take a while for the fluid to start coming out after refilling, but I've run the pump for about a minute (not continuously), and still nothing. I'm worried that I might damage it if I keep running the pump without fluid coming out.

Any ideas what might be wrong? Thanks.

It's a 2017 Focus.

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1 hour ago, Chimpanzee said:

I ran out of screen wash yesterday


If you actually ran out (as opposed to just running low), the pump may have been trying to suck in air for a while, likely you have some kind of airlock. With liquid now in the bottle, I would continue the intermittent pumping action, till it starts to suck it through the system...

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Agree with Stephen.  Intermittent rather than continuous is indeed the best way forward, as it will reduce any chance of overheating.  MIGHT have sucked up some crud too!  If it is that, try adding warm/hot water (not boiling hot, obvs).

Either way, filling the bottle to the brim will be marginally better than just covering the pump inlet, as that will help push anything (whether it's air or crud) through the pump. 

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The filter on the pump could be blocked especially if you use screenwash. It goes all snotty and completely blocks it. I've had to clean out loads of these more so on new fiestas than anything else.

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Thanks for the suggestions, everyone. I've been continuing with the intermittent pumping but still no joy. I'll try brimming it with hot water and hopefully that will clear it.

Thanks again.

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