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Where can i find the right bulb for my vehicle

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Hello, as the tittle suggests, where can i get the correct taillight/brake light for my 2008 mk2.5 ford focus 1.6 TDCI, the bulb in question is a double filament tail/brake light, and every bulb ive purchased came with the the incorrect notch, the image below illustrates my issue, the red dot is the location of the metallic notch on my current bulb but every bulb ive bought so far has the 2 notches inline with each other, if anyone can help me find the right bulb that would be great


Rgds, Dan


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1 hour ago, Paulkp said:

Owners Manual says PR21/5W

Is it one of these ?

12v 21/5W BAW15D   Red Bulb should have the offset pin

Have you tried your Ford Dealer ? 


https://www.buycarparts.co.uk/philips/7025254 lookslike it might fit

thank you for the reply i will definitely take a look at these 

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To clear up the mystery of the different off-set pins. One is a 'Stop & Tail' bulb, the other is a 'Tail & Fog' bulb (rear fog lamp of course)

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