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Boot release button on fiesta mk6

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I have a ford fiesta mk6 and recently fitted in a new solenoid as the relase button on dash did not work. So thinking it was the solenoid, i fitted in a new one but it still does not work. Stumped on what the issue could be. Any ideas? Help! 

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Just changed one on my '07 Fiesta, bought the replacement from Ford, and now works OK.

I assume that you can still open the boot from turning the key in the lock, and that the Bowden cable moves freely.  With the hatch panel removed, the hatch open, does the solenoid make any noise when you (or a Friend so you can put your ear close !) operates the dash button?  You can shut the latch with a screwdriver blade, so can simulate normal operation. The tailgate switch puts an earth onto the GEM, and the GEM provides a pulse to the solenoid.  If you can get a meter on the pin, you might see the pulse, but it will be easier with an analogue meter, unless you have a peak hold on your DVM.  Solenoid is earthed inside the car, using the same earth as the boor light so check that it lights.

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