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Mk3 Focus 1.6tdci coolant system change?

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Hi All. I'm new to the Focus club.

Recently picked up a  2014 (pre-facelift) mk3 1.6 tdci 95hp.

It's due it's first timing belt change now. I will replace the full kit including water pump and also the fan belt. I picked up a Gates kit and a Meyle fan belt.

I have a few questions on the coolant change...

1) The manual states that the cooling system capacity is 7.3 litres. When you drain down the cooling system will it take the full 7.3 litres to refill or less?

2) The antifreeze that's in it is pink. Is it best to go with Ford's own antifreeze to ensure the correct specs of WSS-M97B44-D are met or will any pink antifreeze be ok?

3) When an antifreeze change using a 50/50 mix is carried out will it be good for 10 years/until the next belt change, or do people still change coolant/antifreeze more regular than that?

Think that's all. Not sure if I missing anything else on coolant.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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I'd rcomend mixing Ford own antifreeze with deionised water. Use Ford's own it's not expensive and lasts 10 years...in fact, why not capture the existing coolant  filter it through a Plenty kitchen towel and reuse it...allowing for a bit of spoilage by buying a single litre of Ford coolant and use it as a top up to make up the loss. 

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When you drain the coolant using the drain valve at the bottom of the radiator you only drain approximately 50% of the total capacity. The rest of the coolant remains trapped inside the engine block and the heater matrix.

You can basically use any coolant that meets or exceeds the Ford WSS-M97B44-D specification. Most G12+ coolants meet the Ford WSS-M97B44-D specification. However many coolants of 3rd party manufacturers that meet the Ford WSS-M97B44-D specification do not meet the required changing interval of 10 Years. In this case you can use the coolant without any problems as long as the changing interval of the coolant is reduced to meet the interval specified by the coolant manufacturer.

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