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Ford Focus Titanium 2012 Heater Matrix Issue

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Hi there,

I'm writing this as someone with little to no car knowledge so apologies if this sounds all over the place.

My mum's Ford has been leaking coolant for the past weak now and has gotten to the worst state of constant need for topping up the coolant. We've taken the car to three garages with the diagnosis of it being the heater matrix being at fault (which is allegedly a common fault, again I'm trying to learn about this with no car knowledge).

We took the car to our local Ford dealership and they also diagnosed the car with the same issue, with a quote of £1400. None of our local garages want to take the job and we aren't the most well off household to spend £1000 that sparingly.

Other online forums say it's an easy fix to just replace the O rings with a mechanic, and then others saying the opposite and to get it sorted with the Ford dealership.

Can someone provide us some genuine direction as to where and what to do with the car because we're being ran around in circles chasing ways to fix this car.

Many thanks

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I've never heard of fixing this fault with O rings. 

It is a big job unfortunately which is why you've been quoted so much. The whole dashboard has to be removed and then the heater matrix is accessible for removal. 

Around £1400 sounds about right as that's what roughly my dealer charges. I'd bite the bullet and get it done at main dealer (not being biased but I've seen what some garages handy work is like) as it'll have guarantee and any issues with it they can sort out at their own expense. 

Any other questions just ask 👍

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