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The Fiesta(2008+) Mk7 Review Topic

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Fiesta Journalist reviews,Owner Reviews, Video Reviews.

Okay, So i was thinking, people that browse the site might want somewhere they can find all the reviews on the new fiesta in once place. Ive seen on other forums stickied topics with all the reviews of what car they were talking about. Figured it would be a good idea for this one. If anyone has reviewed there fiesta then please do copy and paste it into a post and make this an informative and interesting thread.


SO, Here is a collection of video reviews/test drives/etc about the mk7 Fiesta.

Top gear, Abit tounge in cheek but gets its point across well. two Parts

Fith Gear, More sensible and also, quite a good review.


iMotor Zetec S Review

Autocars review - Dont belive anything about an ST version "comming along, very soon" as this was made in 2008! But I hope It does.


An american review, on the EU Spec with some interesting tech specs on the car like real time 0-60s and braking distances.

Found by Nightowl, Another tounge in cheek look at the, this time, US spec fiesta Vs a 5.0l 500bhp Lamborghini.


Just a few to get started with, Im sure I will find more. Owners reviews to follow(I will make my own as well as ive done almost 1200miles now)


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Thanks for the links , enjoyed watching them. ;)

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