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Hi folks

I've just had an oil change done on my 2014 Focus Titanium Navigator however the oil light is still on leading me to believe that they didn't reset it. 

I've had a look online and seen the method of clearing it by turning on the ignition and simultaneously pressing the accelerator and brake pedals until the Oil Reset In Progress message comes on and I have tried it numerous times over the last half an hour but my car didn't want to do it. I tried all sorts of permutations but I can't get it to reset or see the reset message. 

Can anyone help?? 

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You are talking about the oil light. On a Focus MK3 the only actual oil light is the oil pressure light.

There is a huge difference between the oil pressure light and the oil change required message on the instrument cluster display. The oil change required message is not supported by all engine types.

The oil pressure light indicates that there is no oil pressure (not enough oil pressure to activate the oil pressure switch). If the oil pressure light is blinking or illuminated the engine must be switched off immediately. The engine should only be restarted after the problem that causes the low or no oil pressure is corrected. Running the engine with the oil pressure light blinking or illuminated will result in serious engine damage.

The oil change required message is not applicable to all engine types. On engine types that support the oil change required message the interval needs to reset during every service. To do this press the start button without depressing clutch to switch on ignition (keyless start) or switch the ignition on to position 2 (conventional ignition key). Press and hold the brake and accelerator pedals until the "Oil system reset in progress" is displayed. Wait until the "Oil system reset complete" is displayed.

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