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Mk1 6000CD radio suddenly stop working and huge pops and crackles

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Hi, i have an old focus mk1 with the 6000cd radio unit and lately im confronting with an annoying issue which i'll describe in the following: 

Most of the times when i go out with the car, after a period of time, tens of minutes, the radio cuts off and starts to crackle and produce pops in the Speakers, no matter if i switch the frequency, am to fm or anything like that. And then it stays like that until i leave the car parked for an amount of time and then get back on and it works and it happens the same again after another period of time.

Turning the ignition off and on right after doesn't solve the problem. It's weird that this happens under no circumstances, not after hitting a pot, turning up the volume, changing settings or anything like that, it just happens😁.


I suspect some bad wiring but i have no idea where to start to check. I've taken off the entire ratio unit to check the connections behind and they are all fine. even after replugging every wire, the next day it happened again. Any suggestions, anyone experienced this in the past? I'm reallly looking forward to this, thanks alot for anyone reading and answering this !

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The problem will most likely be caused by the radio itself.

The focus MK1 6000CD radio's are 16 to 23 Years old. The components of electronic circuits of the radio are subjected to wear. During time the characteristics of the electronic components (transistors, resistors, capacitors, etc.) will change. If the characteristics finally become out of range/spec the radio can develop interference or other problems.

In this case the radio seems to be fine when all components are cold and the problem seems to be introduced after all components have warmed up. 

Since it does not make sense to have such an old, low value radio repaired I suggest to buy a replacement.

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Agree with buying a replacement. You can pick them up from Ebay for about £20, just make sure you get a 'like for like' one (some button layouts are different) and it has a code!

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Is there any (aftermarket) options for upgrading the stereo unit?

I have a Mk1 focus ghia with the 5000cd unit and the 6 cd changer, I have often wondered if I could upgrade the main unit (and possibly still use the cd changer) but have struggled finding anything other than the din adaptors..

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There are several options to replace the original 1.7 DIN audio system by a more modern aftermarket audio system.

1. You can install a vehicle specific fascia that converts the Ford specific rounded 1.7 DIN size hole in the dashboard to a standardized 1 DIN size.


2. You can install a Metra Kit. The Ford specific rounded 1.7 DIN size hole in the dashboard is just a little bit smaller in height than the standardized 2 DIN size. This can easily be solved by removing the inner edge of the dashboard panel. The Metra kit contains brackets that hold the 2 DIN radio in place and fill the remaining space at both sides.  


Despite the 2 Din being a standardized size some radio's fit perfectly in combination with the Metra Kit while other 2 Din radio's fit less perfect (for example slightly protruded or leaving a considerable gap).

3. Install an aftermarket dashboard panel with a 2 DIN hole. These are available in Silver and Black (or can be painted in any color you like). This is in my opinion the nicest option.




The CD changer that is installed in your car communicates with the radio by using the Ford SCP communication protocol. This protocol is Ford specific and not supported by any aftermarket radio. 


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I have used the din adaptor (no. 1) before in my mondeo, it was okay, but would prefer to keep a larger din stereo.

I really like the idea of no.3, but my focus is the Ghia and would like to keep the wood coloring if possible (might have to break out the airbrush and practice lol).

I have a spare (grey) dash as needed new clock and cigarette lighter, so will look into mods with the Metra Kit, have already practiced making couple of small rectangular holes in it for a 2 port USB adaptor lol.

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If I was to get the 2-din dash, are there any Ford 2-din stereos that would fit nicely, so that I could still use the cd-changer.


Still thinking of just upgrading to the 6000CD so that I have access to another cd lol

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