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2013 2.2 Ranger no boost

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Hi guys, need some help.

I have a 2013 2.2 Ford Ranger XL, I just recently got the engine replaced along with the turbo, radiator, water pump, timing kit and mass air intake filter. after driving it for the first time since the repairs I found that the truck lacks any  power and struggles to get upto speed regardless of it being flat or a hill, although it losses alot of power on inclines. I had removed the intake pipe for the turbo and can confirm that it is pulling air into the turbo, I had also noticed a small amount fo blue/grey smoke when I accelerate. I have had diagnostics ran on it and found that the turbo, egr, dpf and cat are all working without issue, there is also no warning lights on the dash and 0 faults on the ECU. at this point I am stumped as to what could be wrong, any help.qould be greatly appreciated.


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