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Focus Mk4 ST-Line Sequential Lights

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The guy in the YouTube has sequential front indicators (see 32 seconds in video). Send him a message and ask where he got them. He speaks English

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Swapping halogen headlights to adaptive LED lights is, as I understand it, NOT a plug and play option. You will need the adaptive control otherwise you will (1) fail your MOT and (2) most likley blind on coming drivers.

I maybe wrong on the above statement but I belive it to be true.

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4 hours ago, simonjwakefield28 said:

Okay thanks, 

Would it be a simple plug and play to install? As the one that I have on my ST Line are halogen but as I understand it the adaptive are LED?

Unfortunately not, very different wiring, sensors etc.

But you can however swap to the LED version of your original halogen headlamp (unfortunately no sequential indicators though). These have been fitted to all Focus models since late 2020. There are quite a few on ebay for a lot less than the £600-odd Ford charge for them.

Best of all they are plug & play.

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I can’t seem to find any guides on swapping them over, I don’t suppose you guys know of anywhere to find this info?

The adaptive is definitely something I’m after as apposed to just upgrading to LED.


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I would imagine for you that could be a very difficult task as there are a raft of sensors and cameras used to activate the adaptive lighting that have to be in place and programmed in. Then of course there is cost of light units .Unless you got lucky with some from a breakers you would have to go to Ford. I seem to recall someone here once saying they were about £800 a pair.

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