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ST line X B&O speaker rattle/vibration

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Hi all. I'm into my second week of owning my Puma. (Pre-registered 20 plate from Ford Direct).  Loving it, BUT I'm frustrated about a rattle I'm getting from my passenger door or speaker when certain deep/low bass frequencies are played through the system. (I have nothing in the door storage area). Even when I turn everything on the equalizer down to minimum, it still rattles/vibrates. The only way I can stop it is by having the fade mainly coming from the back, but that loses some of the richness. It's not just a bass thing, as I've blasted some heavy bangers through it and it sounds amazing, it's only on certain really deep tones and it's driving me nuts!!!!!

Anyone else had this problem? Is it something I can get sorted under warranty? It's happened since day one. 

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Could be something inside door vibrating there were a number of issues on the Focus4 with some of the door modules causing noise because of poor fixings.Take it back

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Interesting. I would hope even though it's not brand new and still has two years on the warranty; it's something that should be covered if I take it to any Ford dealership.

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