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Nextbase Intelligent Parking Mode vs Thinkware Energy Saving Mode

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Have searched for dash cam parking mode features as I’m looking for a reliable dash cam that will record hit and runs even when I leave my car parked for a week or two.

Nextbase’s Intelligent Parking Mode will shut down everything except the G Force sensor which becomes more sensitive so power consumption is extremely low. Nextbase says it can use its internal battery to detect any bump for more than a week. It will switch on and record for 30 seconds and shut down.

But there seem to be many complaints on Nextbase’s internal battery. It doesn’t really last long, some saying it only lasts 9 months. Others say less than 12 months or just after the warranty period. It seems people agree capacitors are the better option.  

I also took a look at Thinkware’s Energy Saving Mode which saves energy by going into standby and recording footage upon an impact. Pre buffered impact videos are recorded (10 seconds before impact and 10 seconds after). Which means it will record moments leading up to the impact. In Energy Saving Mode, it doesn’t seem to record before the impact but power consumption seems to be extremely low at 8mA. You need a radar module to record before the impact.

Thinkware dash cams also have super capacitors so they should be more reliable than dash cams with internal batteries. 

Anybody have any parking mode experience with these two brands?

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