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What liquid from a car smells fishy?

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I went to McDonald's this evening I parked up went to get my food and upon returning to my car I noticed quite large amount of liquid under front vehicle, I touched the liquid and it smelt fishy. Before I left this evening the rear brakes did get stuck.

Any idea what that fishy liquid smell is and what to look for?.

Thanks guys

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Maybe the previous occupier of that space dropped a fish burger... :unsure: 

Gear oil smells awful so might be that.  Everything else you can check the level of under the bonnet.

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I had a very slight coolant leak on an old Fiesta and that gave quite a fishy kind of smell. Have a look all over the block for signs of any leakage or wet spots.

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Thanks guys.

I checked coolant straight away and I do find some times few drips under water pump. But the level was tiny bit under max writing. 

If I had guess the liquid amount I found on floor I say 3 foot long by about foot and half wide of liquid under front car, it did look like large amount. 

The next thing I should check then is brake fluid bottle with such large amount on floor I'm guessing any bottle would be empty.  


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