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Good evening to everyone!!!

I would like to ask:

Why are the radiator's grilles (or shutters i do not know the excact word about it,i hope that i have helped you a little) staying closed even if the engine has reached the specific coolant temperature?

When does these things open?

i rarely see them open even if the car has travelled a lot in heavy traffic conditions!!! 

Thanks a lot in advance for your replies!!!

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They are known as Kysor Shutters or Active Grill Shutters. They are hardly ever fully open or fully closed and can be open by any amount in between. I think a lot depends on how hard you drive, town driving does not produce much heat.

When you start the car they should go through a self test where they fully open and close to check for obstructions or faults. When driving their opening position varies a lot and there is a position feedback sensor to check the desired verses actual opening. These positions can be monitored with FORScan if you are worried.

I'm sure a fault would be logged if they were not working as intended. 


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First of all i would like to apologize for my poor english. I am greek and i do not speak the language very often.

Thanks a lot for your reply, i did not knew that it works that way.

I saw it sometimes half opened, or fully opened and i thought it may be  some kind of malfunction on its mechanism.

Now i am sure that there is no problem at all thanks to your information about it.

Have a nice day!!!

Greetings from Athens/Greece!


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