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The modification to the ELM327 cable is a physical or electronic switch to allow Forscan to access both the high-speed and medium-speed CAN buses.

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Hello Craig, welcome to the Ford Owners Club - you don't actually modify the lead yourself, its just what its called. Loads for sale on eBay, don't order from China or you will wait till Christmas for it.

You need something like this: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ELM327-USB-modified-fits-Ford-ELMconfig-latest-chip-HS-CAN-MS-CAN-Forscan-OBD2/203253858823?hash=item2f52dfc207:g:QioAAOSwd5VgCAou

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your first post said diagnostic reader, 

to meet that question a £10 bt obd dongle and a free or £5 quid app will meet what you asked.


the replies and yourself then took a huge leap in to programming - if you want to play the fake Chinese ones are not the way to go

forscan spent last few years trying to make one that was fit for purpose... in the last 2 months they added this link on their website re. where to get one https://www.bmdiag.co.uk/obdlink-ex-forscan-diagnostic-for-ford-usb-cable



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