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Recommendation for robust suspension

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I’ve just had one of my front springs break on me.  It’s 10 years old and has given up at 20K miles, so I guess it must be one of those corrosion/fatigue issues.  Does anyone know if it’s worth getting OEM shocks and springs rather than Monroe, Sachs, Bilstein etc.  I know the factory ford springs did an urban 50K miles before breaking.  I also know that with the Monroe shocks that were installed 5K ago I've just had MOT advice that they are weeping (so am I now).  I think the bust spring’s taken the shock out with it, so I’ll need to buy two new struts, i.e. shocks, springs, mounts etc.  Any Suggestions for some kit of quality that will last a while.

I’m even toying with going from 175/65/14 to 175/70/14 so the tyre takes up a bit of the impact off the suspension as the speed bumps seem to be killing me.  It won’t improve the handling but it goes round corners like a go-kart anyway, so I won’t be losing a lot (in my mind).

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50 minutes ago, Marineboy said:

OK, I’ll put it another way, does anyone think it’s economically viable to buy genuine OEM ford shocks and springs rather than 3rd party ones? 

Nope.  If you had a sports model, it would be worth sticking with OE as aftermarkets don't produce the same variety of spring rates...so you could end up with a Zetec S at Titanium height...  

On a comfort model (guessing by the 14s!) I can't see it being worth it, as there's so much of a price difference.   Personally I'd stick with a better quality brand such as Sachs or Bilstein though...had a dodgy shock from Monroe myself!

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Tom, thank you sir, perfect answer, exactly what I wanted to know.  Yes nice steel 14s that are harder to destroy and cheaper to replace when our great tax funded (or not) UK roads muller them.  Interesting about Monroe.  I wonder what their batting average is then.

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You’re absolutely right from a practical standpoint. My borough were early adopters of these damned things.  When first installed they had lovely big white triangles painted on them to let you know where they were.  The paint has long since faded to nothing and therefore rendered them easy to miss, esp at dusk or covered with leaves, snow etc.  I do slow down for them, but admittedly, mostly only to avoid the damage.  It seems like road planners are oblivious to where it’s most advantageous for these things to be installed.  I’ve seen roads with no side turnings, hidden hazards, schools etc where the limit could easily be 40mph that have had speed bumps that will wreck you at 15MPH.  I’ve also seen really risky roads with concealed exits/entrances that are known black spots that have f@#k all measures to deal with the idiots who have no discrimination when it comes to exploring their car’s performance parameters.  Bumps are an OK solution, but administered by the bureaucratic, tone deaf clueless (yes, the road planners).  Whoops, sorry think I must have just ranted.  Lovely ST by the way.

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