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How to check for suspension damage

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Evening all. 

My 2007 MK2 focus is due it’s MOT this month. 

Before it goes in, I would like to check it over myself, I’ve check every part of the car which will be mot’d but how do I check both visually and physically  the suspension? What should I be looking out for if something is a miss? 

many thanks for any help

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Been getting cars tested for 40 odd years, and I've always found that checking for an MOT is a futile exercise. If it's going to fail, it'll fail on something you never thought it would! Just do the most superficial lookover, bulbs, tire treads, wipers, windscreen wash, horn etc. If it  fails after that, save your money and only fix what they say needs fixed...

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I would first lift up the front remove the wheels for better access check your front struts for any leaks and look up and down the springs to check for any breaks, check all the rubber bushes on the sway bar links and end links and the state of brake pads and discs whilst at it and remove the drivers wheel arch liner and check for corrosion/leaks on the power steering pipes. Then under the car the controls arms first closest to the wheel hub check the ball joints for any splits and visually check over the rubber bushes on the other parts of the control arms a crow bar is good to check for looseness and check the sway bar bushes whilst at it. Whilst under there check for any signs of oil leaks near the drive shafts and especially the gearbox. Put the wheels back on and give them a hard spin whilst holding onto the the strut and listening to feel for any roughness to the wheel bearings. Onto the rear check the swaybar links are intact and visually check all bushes around the back end, check all exhaust hangers are solid and exhaust has no leaks, make sure all the heat shields are secure and visually inspect the springs. This is an OCD list and as long as you have checked the normal things you should be good to go. 

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